Access Control Applications

Our expertise and lines of products allow us to provide solutions to secure doors for both egress and ingress requirements while conforming to current code requirements. We specialize in navigating the balance between safety and security.

Access Control Applications
Architectural Consultation

Architectural Consultation

Whether providing division 8 hardware specifications or architectural presentations, PJ Polke is the one stop source for the needs of the architectural community.

About Us

For over 75 years, the pj polke company has represented architectural door and hardware manufacturers in the New York Metro territory. In a market and a business that has experienced massive transformation at all levels, the stability of our company as an independent manufacturers representative throughout these years is remarkable. Our endurance is due to the combination of strong employees and the high quality manufacturers that we are associated with. We believe we have the best sales force in our marketplace and we strive to grow and improve each day.

Our market is among the most challenging in the country, but we are excited about the opportunities. As we are all “locals”, we love the personality and vitality that the NY Metro area brings. As representatives and consultants we believe it is our responsibility to build relationships at all levels, from architects to distributors to the end users that utilize the products that we represent. With the wide array of products that we represent, we believe we can most effectively provide solutions that are to the benefit of all the parties involved.

As our mission statement attests we go to market with integrity and dedication without reproach, and our desire is to create a partnership with our manufacturers, distributors and end-users. We believe that every problem is an opportunity and every issue has a solution, and our intent is to effectively provide these solutions. Whether you are a manufacturer looking for a strong independent group to bring your products to the market, a distributor looking for access to product or an end user looking to solve a problem, PJ Polke company provides your best solution.

We are members of a wide variety of local organizations that envelop all aspects of our industry: architectural, security, locksmith, door and hardware. One of the unique qualities of independent representation is that we live and breathe in our marketplace, both now and for the future. This stability provides confidence for the marketplace that they have a long term partnership.

Feel free to contact us via phone or email and we look forward to serving your needs.


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